How to make 50 dollars literally for free.

50 Dollars

Earn 50 Dollars for FREE

If you have not already heard of this new Mobile Banking app, you are in luck. Traditional banks suck nowadays. All they want is to take your money with fees, fines, overdrafts and charges.

Chime is one of the fastest growing mobile banking apps in the U.S. with over 1.5 Million accounts opened to date. With Chime, you get a Chime Visa® Debit Card, a Spending Account, and an optional Savings Account – all managed through an award-winning mobile banking app that gives you complete control of your money everywhere you go.

The app is great. I have been using it for a while now. You have a checking account and a savings account you can transfer money to and from. You can also easily transfer funds to friends, roommates, family etc. The transfers are instant, but only if the other user is also using Chime.

Which is a good opportunity to share YOUR link to your friends and family like I am doing here and get 50 dollars for free in YOUR pocket!

I have done it before. I know it works. I shared my link with a friend. They signed up. I got an email notification. They signed up for chime. WE BOTH GOT 50 DOLLARS!!! They LOVE Chime. I do too. I do not use a traditional bank anymore.

Early Payday is Awesome

You have ALL heard about people who get their paychecks on Wednesday and you have to wait until Friday. It is VERY nice to get your check early! Chime is not like big banks who sit on your money and earn interest off of it, they just give you your money as soon as possible!

Chime also has no crazy fees, like most traditional banks do these days. I have actually been able to SAVE MONEY since I have switched to Chime, since I am no longer being chipped away by fees, fines, charges and other things traditional banks do.

Best Banking App Available

I love the app.

I use it all the time.

They also have a Spot Me feature where if you overdraft, Chime will spot you the money and NOT CHARGE YOU AN OVER DRAFT FEE!!! That is a GAME CHANGER if you ask me. Most banks hit you hard with a 35 dollar fee if you over draft.

Not Chime!

…and lets BOTH make 50 dollars!

Click the green button and read more information from Chime about the switch! You will LOVE that you did this! There is no better bank online right now and no better banking app!

Lets BOTH make 50 dollars and get you signed up with Chime!

You will NOT get the 50 dollar bonus if you do not use my sign up link!

So make sure you sign up using links from THIS blog post!

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