RONES 100k YouTube Subs Karambit SCAM details

GiveAway RonesTV ( Karambit | Doppler – Factory New )

This is a SCAM! Do not fall for it!

RONESTV CS:GO and MORE YouTube Channel scam.

Learn what the scammer does so you do not fall for it like I did!

Here is his fake live stream where he tricks you in to thinking you won a free knife.

It looks legit. You see he has over 100k subs so you think he is legit.

This is what he will do.

  1. He will friend you on steam with a random name one day.
  2. He will say something like “hey I am entering this contest on Steam and I need votes, can you help?” and he will send you a link.

    …and you out of the goodness of your heart, just trying to help a fellow gamer on your steam friends list win a little contest, you will click the link and try to help him.
  3. Once you click the link, he has your steam account information.
  4. He will then wait a day or two. He will use his RONES Steam account to contact you and say “YOU WON A FREE KARAMBIT KNIFE IN OUR CONTEST!”
  5. He will invite you to his “live stream” the link that I posted above. He will make it seem like you won the contest and he is going to LIVE STREAM giving you the knife so all his 100k subs can see it.
  6. He will ALMOST give you the knife, you will see him ALMOST hit ‘send trade’ then he will say “oh wait, you do not meet the criteria because you have too many skins and it will look like I am giving rich people a free knife, send all those skins to another Steam account.”
  7. Once you begin to send your skins to your second steam account or your friends account or whatever, he somehow has a program he wrote that automatically cancels the trade and sends it to HIS steam account, even if you have steam mobile authenticator enabled.
  8. His little hacker scammer software program will also automatically send messages to EVERYONE on YOUR steam friends list, attempting to do the exact same scam. It will say the same thing he sent you. He will repeat step 2 with ALL of the friends on your steam friends list.

    I am still getting messages from steam friends saying “what is this about?” and I have to tell them it is a scam.

    It damages the pride a little bit, but I gotta get the message out.

    As you can see in the image below, others have been scammed too.

As you can see … I try a test with one item and send it to my daMe.s0n account. It works fine. Then, I send ALL the skins to that account.

You can see it says “trade cancelled” and then the EXACT SAME TRADE he sends to some account called ‘slothmageddon’ and my skins are gone!

Clever little script he wrote, but hopefully this blog post will prevent even ONE person from getting scammed by this guy.

The software he has will also hijack your steam account friends list.

It will automatically start blocking everyone on your friends list. I suspect to buy him some more time so you do not message your friends saying “DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS GUY HE HACKED MY ACCOUNT DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!!”

If this happens to you … make sure you change your password.

After he takes your skins, he gets a little cocky.

He copied and pasted that about 10 times … smfh GOT ME!

I think that about wraps up the post.

I hope you do not get scammed like I did!

VERY CLEVER and two day long scam. But he did get me!

COMMENT BELOW if this asshole got you!

DO NOT comment below if you are that low life douche bag gamer who says “do not name and shame anyone” and “innocent until proven guilty” and that FUCKFACE ASSCLOWN that backs up the scammer.

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