Two Examples of Common Facebook Marketing Scams

If you are new to internet marketing and you just got in to a business opportunity without proper training. Chances are your sponsor will just take your money, sign you up and tell you…

“go post this link all over facebook marketing groups and you will get sales!”

… and the sad thing is, most people believe it. They fall for it. They buy it hook, line and sinker. They think HOORAY! The ticket to all my financial problems is just spamming a link all over Facebook groups and telling people to DM me for more info!

Here is an example of one I just saw.

So, (lol) … this person claims to have the ability to help FIFTEEN people earn EXACTLY 37,000 DOLLARS within 48 hours! That is over a HALF OF A MILLION DOLLARS this person claims to be able to generate within 2 days!!! AMAZING!

It even says NO SCAM on it so it MUST be legit! Right?!

The ONLY catch is … you have to pay her 10% of the money you make! SHE has the ability to get YOU 37000 dollars, but it will only cost you 3,700 dollars to get it!


Why isn’t EVERYONE on Facebook signing up with this person?!

The sad thing is, people will fall for this. They will send this person 3,700 dollars in hopes they will get their 37000 dollars in return. They will get scammed and lose a lot of money.

DO NOT FALL for stuff like this!!!


Here is another person copy and pasting the same thing!

Same copy and paste scam.

It looks like I know what I am talking about, right?!


I knew a kid growing up that fell for the Craigslist “I will ship you your new car” scam. The kid ACTUALLY sent 3,000 or 4,000 dollars (I do not remember exactly how much it was) to someone in Florida (we were in Oregon at the time) and the person in Florida said after he got the money he would deliver the car to the kid!



Anyhow, just do not fall for stuff like this. If it sounds too good to be true. Guess what again??!? IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!

Nothing in life that is worth anything is easy.

Here is another example of this copy and paste scam I see.

Now THIS person here claims they can get you 3500 dollars PER DAY and you DO NOT EVEN NEED A REFERRAL to make money! You also do not even need to provide any personal information to get the money!

THAT IS ILLEGAL first of all. If you earn income you have to report it and file taxes on it. If you do not, YOU CAN BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL!

But according to Isihak (is a hack?) – that does not matter. Because she can help you get 3500 dollars PER DAY!

If SHE is capable of making 3500 dollars per day, WHY IS SHE DESPERATELY POSTING SPAM ADS IN FACEBOOK GROUPS?! Why is she not on a beach somewhere with a drink and a hot date?!

Why is she not flying around in her private jet and driving her Tesla around town?! Since she is making over 1,277,000 dollars per year?!

When people make income claims online … you need to see PROOF. It is EASY AS PIE to take a screen shot of your bank showing the deposits of 3500 dollars per day. Without showing any personal information or damaging your identity at all.

This person is a liar.

This person is a scammer.

They will take your money and run!

Don’t get me wrong. This person is not the ONLY person who posts this. There is a group of people out there taking these poor peoples money and telling them “GO SPAM IN FACEBOOK GROUPS AND YOU WILL GET PAID!” which never really works.

See the source image

Another example of a ‘edit, copy and paste’ facebook scam.

I see this one ALL OVER the place.

This poor guy Dan Iel was sold a copy and paste script from someone who told him “ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS EDIT THIS PRE WRITTEN SCRIPT FOR YOU AND PEOPLE WILL SIGN UP AND YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!”

You can see poor ol’ Dan didn’t even finish editing his pre written script. He forgot to put his country name at the bottom of his script!


Poor Dan fell for it.

This is a common thing newbie marketers will get sold. The idea that they can “use someone else’s credibility” and “fake it till you make it” to get started.

They are told “just post a picture of my friend here in his car with all his money and tell people you can make money just like that!” and they fall for it.

See the source image

Do not fall for marketing like that.

Anything that you sign up for AT LEAST needs a capture page and a sales page with an email funnel. If it is just someone posting words in Facebook groups without any actual links to a product, they probably are trying to scam you.

Anyhow, I think we can end the blog post here.


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